Shoulder Physical Therapy: Helping You Painlessly recover From Shoulder Injuries

Ideally, earlier is better when it pertains to beginning physical therapy for the Shoulder Injury. This is especially important if you suspect that you might be suffering from a chronic overuse injury, that tends to manifest itself later than the usual injuries. For example, if you have been in a car accident or have engaged in some other strenuous activity, then you are more at risk of developing Shoulder Physical Therapy problems. Shoulder Strain Injury is one of the most common Overuse injuries suffered by athletes and active adults. The sooner a Shoulder Strain Injury is treated, the greater your chances of achieving effective therapeutic and rehabilitative results.

Most people suffering from Shoulder Physical Therapy Pain Relief opt to first try conservative treatments, such as ice, rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and passive heat. If these conservative treatments do not provide adequate relief, your doctor may prescribe a more aggressive treatment regimen. A good example would be surgery. However, since Shoulder Surgery is a major operation, the health care cost can be quite daunting. More often than not, the patient will find that their insurance does not cover the cost of Shoulder Surgery.

A good alternative to conservative treatments is physical therapy, which teaches proper exercise motion and techniques to alleviate Shoulder Strain Injury. An excellent example of a comprehensive program of exercises and motion techniques is the Sitz Spa. Located in Venice, California, the Sitz Spa has been offering their clients many years of therapeutic treatments designed to reduce Shoulder pain, reduce swelling, and restore motion to the affected shoulder. Their programs include gentle stretching exercises and low-impact aerobics, helping patients to strengthen their muscles through strength training, endurance training, and flexibility exercises.

In addition to the Sitz Spa, many other studios and gyms offer a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises for Shoulder Strain Injury. Before starting any kind of exercise routine, it is important to check with your physician to ensure that you are healthy enough to exercise. Once you have been cleared by your doctor, start with safe, gentle Shoulder Physical Therapy workouts. Be careful not to overdo any exercise, especially if you have been injured. Start slowly and increase your repetitions slowly as you progress.

Shoulder Strain Injuries usually recur and may include the same symptoms as the original injury. Overuse injuries resulting from strenuous overhead activities like lifting heavy objects, sports like football, tennis, or soccer can also cause Shoulder Pain. Sometimes, the symptoms are not that obvious and you may not have any pain until you try the same overhead activity after which you feel pain. Shoulder Physical Therapy can help relieve Shoulder Strain Injuries.

To stretch and strengthen muscles, physical therapy may involve a range of motion and stabilization exercises. Stretching can be done using a chair, a massage table, or a stretching machine at home. Stabilizing movements, on the other hand, can be done by lying on your back with a pillow under your knees bent and knees flexed at an angle that is about thirty degrees to each other. You alternately lean forward and backward on the opposite side while holding a small weight in each hand. The weight should be comfortably within your grasp.

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