What to Expect From Your Bed Bug Control Expert

It is a pest problem that has become a health concern to many throughout the United States. Bed Bugs have become resistant to many pesticides over the years, making them a difficult pest to control. If left unchecked, bed bugs can spread quickly throughout a home and cause many unwanted and even fatal problems for those who are infected. Bed Bug Control is a term used to indicate a pest control effort to eliminate any visible signs of these pests. Bed Bug Control is best handled by an expert pest control service that uses the most current methods to safely and humanely remove these pesky insects from homes and businesses. The term Bed Bug Control is also used to describe a method of removing these bugs that involves the use of heat.

* During normal business hours. After hours calls are returned the following day. Bed Bug Control experts will assess an infestation and recommend a bed bug extermination plan. They will begin by searching the home and surrounding areas for hiding spaces for the bed bugs. Other less obvious places to look for these critters are cracks and crevices near to where people sleep and rest. After they have been confirmed as infestations, a Bed Bug Control technician will apply a variety of treatment solutions to stop their growth.

* Heat treatment. In general, Bed Bug Control experts advise against the use of heat treatments. This is because heat has been shown to increase the lifespan of the insects, but it also releases large amounts of moisture into the air. As a result, heat treatments may prove counterproductive. Instead, pest management technicians recommend using an insect Growth Regulator or sprays that contain pyrethrin and/or benzoic peroxide to help eradicate the entire infestation.

* Bed Bug inspection. During a regular bed bug inspection, pest management technicians check for visible signs of infestation, in the form of red raised spots on the walls and floors, along with holes or gaps. In addition to looking for obvious signs, they might perform a visual inspection of cupboards, drawers, and closets. The Pest Management Company might even take temperature and humidity readings, looking for any abnormality. With an inspection, the pest control company can determine what treatments will need to be applied and which areas will need to be treated first. They can also pinpoint which specific type of treatment will work best in any particular situation.

* Bed Bug inspection results. Once the pest management technician determines that an infestation exists, he will perform a complete bed bug inspection to document the findings. He might even take photographs, but since it’s up to the pest exterminator to decide which photos will be most helpful, he usually leaves them out.

The pest management company might then decide whether or not the most appropriate treatment method is to simply remove the offending pests. While this might solve the immediate problem, it won’t necessarily guarantee that future generations will be free of them. In addition, there may not be an easy way to completely get rid of them. For example, a treatment that eliminates the entire population of insects may require the use of hazardous chemicals. Other methods, such as simply sealing box springs and removing worn out mattress covers, can have limited effects, if they’re used on an occasional basis. For these reasons, it’s important that anyone who wants to eliminate bed bugs in their home consults an expert pest exterminator.

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