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Revere Pet Clinic

An emergency vet in Revere MA can treat your pet in an emergency. The veterinarian will assess your pet’s symptoms and conduct a complete physical examination. The specialist will check gum color and mental state. Your pet’s skin and the abdominal area may be examined. X-rays may be required to determine if there are any broken bones. The pet will be examined for signs of pain. The cost of the visit will depend on the type of treatment needed.

Many people have had an unpleasant experience at Revere Pet Clinic. The staff is rude and does not show any respect for the animals. The doctors and staff don’t know anything about animals. They make your pet afraid and worry and don’t answer questions. The pet clinic is a horrible place to take your pet. You should be able to find a better veterinarian in the area. But, don’t give up. Review other pet clinics before committing to one.

COVID-19 is affecting business operations in some areas. Call before you go to confirm hours. Beware of the animal clinic that asks for payment up front. You can’t afford to have your pet abused, deprived, and lied to. The worst part is that they don’t communicate with you or your pets. They don’t care about your pet’s well-being, which makes them incredibly fearful and worried. They should be closed immediately.

If you are looking for a veterinary clinic in Revere, Massachusetts, there are a few things you should be aware of. These companies often require upfront payment. In addition, they may not be willing to answer questions about your pet’s condition. You should always contact the business directly. If you aren’t comfortable with the way they handle your pets, you should look elsewhere. If you don’t, you should go elsewhere.

There are several options available for pets in Revere. Some emergency vet clinics accept cash. Others only accept checks. Other emergency vets only accept cash or checks. For emergencies, you can call the emergency veterinarian. The veterinary clinic will triage your pet and tell you which treatment is needed. If you’re not sure, you can call the emergency veterinarian and ask a few questions. The staff at the hospital is friendly, but you should not leave your pet alone.

You should be aware of COVID-19. The hospital is closing immediately. It has poor communication, and lacks respect for its patients. It makes your pets anxious and scared. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should avoid the Revere Pet Clinic. A live vet will be able to answer your questions, but if you’re not comfortable, the clinic will refuse to accept you. This practice has a long list of complaints.