Powdery Musky Perfume

Powdery Musky Perfume

It is a very unique and fresh scent having a musky dry down. It has the powdery base of Musk, Vanilla, cashmere and sandalwood along with .

I have spent countless hours searching for my perfect perfume with a baby powdery, white musky, soft scent. I love that soft baby fresh scent but .

Search results for Powdery Perfumes on Sephora. … Cool floral top notes join a vanillic heart and a beautiful base of woody notes and a clean musk.

Soft earthy musk, nothing sharp or pungent as I find some musks to be. Slight powder accord on the drydown. Lasts forever, and is not cloying .

I always loved the scent of baby powder and wore it when I was a pre. jasmine, rose, tonka “powdery notes” (duh) heliotrope and musk.

Truly feminine and the most powdery perfume of all of these is Carita . violet, rose and iris—gently resting on a creamy cloud of powder, musk.