Common Locksmith Services

A locksmith is someone who can help you in an emergency. However, they are also needed for everyday situations. That is why you should include them in your emergency contact list. You’ll never know when you might need their services. Here are some of the most common services that they offer: rekeying, making duplicate keys, repairing damaged locks, and installing electronic access systems.


If you’ve recently had a break-in, you may want to consider rekeying your locks to prevent the thief from attempting to break in again. This process involves replacing the pins in the lock cylinders, allowing different keys to open it. Rekeying can be done quickly and inexpensively, and it’s much less expensive than having a new lock installed.

Rekeying is also known as changing a lock, and the process is not too complicated. It involves taking apart a lock and changing the working key. The process is simple and inexpensive, and doesn’t ruin the lock’s functionality. It is usually performed by a locksmith who has the tools and expertise to perform the procedure.

Locksmiths offer rekeying services to residential and commercial clients. Essentially, a locksmith removes the inner pins and springs of the lock, and replaces them with new ones. This gives the locks a new look without requiring a full lock replacement. In addition, rekeying is common for new homeowners who’d like to remove any master pins that were left behind by previous contractors.

Rekeying is a great solution for homeowners who’d like to rekey their locks in order to prevent break-ins. This service is much cheaper than changing locks, and it’s just as secure. You can even get a locksmith to rekey your locks if you’ve already broken them.

Rekeying is an easy way to upgrade the security of your home. Many homeowners are unaware that the rekeying process is possible, but it is a quick and effective way to upgrade your locks. It’s the best solution if you’d like to improve the security of your property without spending a fortune.

Making duplicate keys

Making duplicate keys for locksmith services is a common service that locksmiths offer. It is also known as key cutting. The process of key cutting involves cutting a duplicate key from an existing one. The primary method is by key cutting machines. These machines use a guide or a notch and a blade to cut a new key. Once the key has been cut, the key is scrubbed to remove burrs.

The locksmith will only duplicate keys that are marked “do not duplicate.” The “do not duplicate” inscription is not a legal requirement, but it is recommended. This protection is especially beneficial for landlords who are concerned about sharing keys. Without this restriction, people may be tempted to make copies of these keys, which may accidentally get into the wrong hands.

Keys are made of brass or a nickel-brass mixture. However, over time, keys can become dull and broken. A spare key can be left with a trusted family member, neighbor, or friend. This way, they won’t be locked out or have to be replaced.

A locksmith can also make duplicate keys for a low fee. A locksmith can use innovative and modern equipment for the process. To make a duplicate key, the locksmith must first have access to the original key. Besides, he must verify whether the owner has granted permission for the service. With proper permission, a locksmith can make a copy of a restricted key. This type of key is more secure than an unrestricted one, and it requires more special tools and a skilled locksmith.

Having a spare key is also beneficial in case someone is away from home. If a family member or a friend comes home with a spare key, he or she will be able to feed the pets. If a family member accidentally forgets to turn off the stove, the extra key can help. A broken key is the most common reason for a lockout, so having an extra key will keep you safe.

Repairing damaged locks

If you’re having trouble locking and unlocking your doors, you should consider getting locksmith services to repair damaged locks. Locks can become damaged due to age, wear, and tampering. While most locks are easy to fix yourself, if the lock has been hacked, it’s best to seek professional assistance.

A faulty lock can prevent your clients and employees from gaining access to your building. Even if the lock only needs minor repairs, failing to repair it may result in the loss of business and the loss of reputation. In addition to a business owner’s financial liability, it is also important for their employees and clients’ safety. Getting professional help from a professional locksmith can help prevent these issues before they cause too much damage.

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It is important to choose the right locksmith for any lock repair. Homeowners should always choose an experienced technician for the job. Locksmiths have the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs. A DIY lock repair may save you some money, but it may not work out properly. If you do not have a professional locksmith’s training, you may end up causing more damage to your lock.

Installing electronic access systems

If you want to prevent people from breaking into your business, you should install an electronic access system to secure your property. An access control system is made up of hardware and software that communicates with one another. It uses a master controller to determine who is allowed into the property. The master controller then sends commands to door locks. These locks can be magnetic locks, electronic crash bars, or other access enforcement hardware.

Installing an electronic access control system can also help you save money on utilities. These systems can allow you to create different zones within a property and manage energy use within those zones. This allows you to reduce unnecessary electricity and heating costs. If you have a lot of valuable property or assets, installing an electronic access control system is a great way to prevent the theft of valuable items.

Electronic security has become a popular way to protect a property, and more people are embracing the benefits it provides. Extra Locksmith is one company that knows all about the benefits of electronic security. One of the most important innovations in security technology is the keypad. These devices make securing a property faster and easier than ever. While most of our clients require keypad installation for their commercial properties, they can also be installed for residential purposes.

In addition to providing convenient access control for a business, access control systems also help businesses reduce their insurance costs. They can eliminate the hassles of changing locks, reclaiming lost keys, and preventing disgruntled employees from accessing sensitive areas of the business. Additionally, an access control system can protect employees and prevent nighttime break-ins.

Cost of service

The cost of a locksmith service can vary based on the situation. Generally, a standard residential or commercial service call costs $75-$150. Additional fees may apply if the locksmith needs to create a new key, replace a doorknob or deadbolt, or perform roadside assistance. Depending on the situation, a locksmith may charge as much as $10 per mile for travel time.

The cost of changing or installing locks can range from $60 to $300. The price also depends on the number of locks that need to be changed and the type of lock. A new lock can cost anywhere from $40 to $100, with labor costs ranging from $15 to $40. A locksmith will also make duplicate keys for a fee of $5 to $10.

A locksmith can repair most types of doors and locks, regardless of their age. Before hiring one, make sure to ask for a detailed estimate. Be sure to specify any special requests and ask if they have insurance. Always get a detailed estimate before agreeing to hire a locksmith. By comparing quotes, you can determine whether or not you need a locksmith in the first place.

A locksmith will charge about $50 to $200 to repair a broken or malfunctioning lock. They may also charge additional fees for extra work, such as rekeying a lock. However, this method is typically cheaper than a full lock replacement. Depending on the type of lock, extra keys may be required.

Cost of locksmith service depends on several factors, including the complexity of the job and the number of services required. Some locksmiths charge an additional $20 for emergency lockouts, while others do not charge anything for emergency services.

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