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HVAC Contractors in New Orleans LA

HVAC systems help regulate air quality, heat, and cool down homes and buildings. In New Orleans LA, these systems are especially necessary to keep residents comfortable in the summer months.

HVAC technicians are specialists who work with these systems. They generally work indoors, but occasionally may work outdoors as well.

Delgado Community College

Delgado Community College is one of the oldest and largest community colleges in Louisiana. They offer an array of technical and career programs for their students, as well as academic programs that help students complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree program.

They also offer a variety of associate degrees and certificate programs, some of which are fully online. They have a Success in College course that helps new online students get connected with campus resources and develop skills to succeed in their classes.

The HVAC programs at Delgado are nine months long and offer a certificate or technical diploma. They cover topics such as building codes, electrical components and motors, refrigeration and air conditioning, and HVAC installation.

If you want to become an HVAC in New Orleans LA, you need to obtain a license from the City of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. These credentials are issued by the Louisiana Department of Labor and are recognized nationwide.

SOLA Community College

SOLA Community College offers a nifty nifty AAS degree and a nifty nifty HVAC diploma. They also have a number of clubs and organizations on campus that give their students opportunities to learn by doing.

The school’s faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students succeed academically and socially. They’ve partnered with local community groups and businesses to help students achieve their goals.

The university has a campus in New Orleans and an online presence that includes a student portal. Their website features a wide selection of courses and information about the programs they offer. They are also home to an array of athletic teams, including nine varsity sports. They even have a campus-wide radio station and a student newspaper. They’re also active in several local charities, including their own charity. One of the college’s most popular classes is a math-focused curriculum designed to teach children the best way to solve problems. They also offer a variety of other programs, such as tutoring and summer camps.

ITI Technical College

ITI Technical College offers a variety of HVAC programs, including a diploma program and associate degree in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. These accelerated courses include a comprehensive curriculum that covers refrigeration cycle, heat transfer, and electrical technology.

These courses provide students with the technical skills needed to work in a wide range of positions in the HVAC field. These include installation, service, and repair of residential, commercial, and industrial equipment.

Upon completion of the diploma program, graduates are prepared to take an EPA 608 exam and a Type I Certification Test. They also have the opportunity to complete an HVACR industry upgrade course.

ITI Technical College lives by its motto, “For A Better Life!” The school’s mission is to prepare students for careers that will allow them to provide for their families and community. In this regard, they live up to their motto by offering HVAC programs that equip students with advanced knowledge and practical skills to install, diagnose, and repair domestic, residential, and commercial systems.


Whether you’re looking for a new air conditioner or need repairs for your existing one, there are many HVAC in New Orleans LA that can help. They can install a new AC unit, clean your ducts and inspect your equipment, all for a reasonable price.

Property managers should make sure to hire a reputable HVAC contractor to ensure they can keep their buildings cool and comfortable. These HVAC contractors in New Orleans have a 4.8 rating on Google and are able to offer a wide range of services, including air conditioning installation, inspections, repairs, and cleanings.

Gallo Mechanical expanded its business to include HVAC in the late 90’s, which allowed the company to take on some of the city’s largest and most high-profile projects. This included the design, construction and retrofit of the New Orleans Sports Arena as well as the central energy plant that powered the Superdome. These projects led to a significant expansion in sales and employee count for the company.