UEFA EURO 2024 Live Streaming, Dates, Matches Schedule

The UEFA European Football Championship in 2024 is commonly referred to as UEFA EURO 2024. The tournament is scheduled to be held in Germany. They were announced as hosts in 2018, winning their bid in a ballot among UEFA’s Executive Committee by 12 votes to four for Turkey, and one abstention.

UEFA EURO 2024 kicks off in Munich on Friday 14 June and ends with the final in Berlin on Sunday 14 July. See dates, venues and schedule.

In total, 24 teams will contest a group stage consisting of three games for each side, with the hopes of qualifying for the 16-team knockout stage. Nations must finish top two in their group to automatically qualify, while four third-place finishers will also advance.

All eyes will be on the final in Berlin, as the July 14 match will crown the next European champions, hailed with continental glory for the next four years.


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Match times and stadiums :


  • Euro 2024 fixtures will take place between June 14 and July 14, 2024.
  • The group stage will kick off with the opening game on June 14, then there will be three games a day until June 26.
  • The knockout stages begin with the round of 16 on June 29, with two games a day until July 2.
  • The quarter-finals will also feature two fixtures a day on July 5 and 6.
  • The semi-finals will take place on July 9 and 10.
  • The final will be hosted on July 14.


groups for Euro 2024
groups for Euro 2024

14 June
Group A: Germany vs Scotland (Munich, 21:00)

15 June
A: Hungary vs Switzerland (Cologne, 15:00)
B: Spain vs Croatia (Berlin, 18:00)
B: Italy vs Albania (Dortmund, 21:00)

16 June
D: Play-off winner A vs Netherlands (Hamburg, 15:00)
C: Slovenia vs Denmark (Stuttgart, 18:00)
C: Serbia vs England (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)

17 June
E: Romania vs Play-off winner B (Munich, 15:00)
E: Belgium vs Slovakia (Frankfurt, 18:00)
D: Austria vs France (Düsseldorf, 21:00)

18 June
F: Türkiye vs Play-off winner C (Dortmund, 18:00)
F: Portugal vs Czechia (Leipzig, 21:00)

19 June
B: Croatia vs Albania (Hamburg, 15:00)
A: Germany vs Hungary (Stuttgart, 18:00)
A: Scotland vs Switzerland (Cologne, 21:00)

20 June
C: Slovenia vs Serbia (Munich, 15:00)
C: Denmark vs England (Frankfurt, 18:00)
B: Spain vs Italy (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)

21 June
E: Slovakia vs Play-off winner B (Düsseldorf, 15:00)
D: Play-off winner A vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)
D: Netherlands vs France (Leipzig, 21:00)

22 June
F: Play-off winner C vs Czechia (Hamburg, 15:00)
F: Türkiye vs Portugal (Dortmund, 18:00)
E: Belgium vs Romania (Cologne, 21:00)

23 June
A: Switzerland vs Germany (Frankfurt, 21:00)
A: Scotland vs Hungary (Stuttgart, 21:00)

24 June
B: Croatia vs Italy (Leipzig, 21:00)
B: Albania vs Spain (Düsseldorf, 21:00)

25 June
D: Netherlands vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)
D: France vs Play-off winner A (Dortmund, 18:00)
C: England vs Slovenia (Cologne, 21:00)
C: Denmark vs Serbia (Munich, 21:00)

26 June
E: Slovakia vs Romania (Frankfurt, 18:00)
E: Play-off winner B vs Belgium (Stuttgart, 18:00)
F: Czechia vs Türkiye (Hamburg, 21:00)
F: Play-off winner C vs Portugal (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)



How to watch Euro 2024 live streams


  1. Television Networks: Major sports networks and broadcasters in various countries usually acquire the rights to broadcast UEFA EURO events. Examples include BBC and ITV in the United Kingdom, ESPN in the United States, and others in different regions.
  2. Streaming Services: In recent years, many sports events, including football tournaments, have been made available on streaming platforms. Services like ESPN+, BBC iPlayer, UEFA.tv, and others might secure streaming rights.
  3. National and International Sports Channels: Channels dedicated to sports coverage often secure the broadcasting rights for major tournaments. Check with well-known sports networks in your region.
  4. Official UEFA Platforms: UEFA may also stream matches through their official website or dedicated streaming services. Keep an eye on UEFA’s official announcements closer to the event.
  5. Mobile Apps: Some sports networks and streaming services have mobile apps that allow you to stream matches on your smartphone or tablet.
  6. Official UEFA Platforms: Check the official UEFA website for information on streaming options and official broadcasters. Website : https://www.uefa.com



How do I watch Euro 2024 in the United States?

  • The full tournament will be broadcast on the FOX family of networks

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Closer to the event date, it’s recommended to check official announcements from UEFA, UEFA will likely provide detailed information on where you can watch the matches live. Additionally, local broadcasters and streaming services in various countries will announce their coverage plans. Keep an eye on official announcements and reliable sports news sources for the latest updates.

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